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Our animals are taken to the slaughterhouse at the age of 12 months. This age is the most recommended age for slaughter, since it is at that point when the animal has meat with the ideal flavour and tenderness for eating while also being the highest profitability threshold for the rancher.

The animals are transported live from the ranch to the slaughterhouse in trucks especially intended for that purpose.

They are slaughtered, gutted and cut up under the highest hygienic conditions, in facilities that have the required Health Registration No., giving them the least amount of tension and suffering possible and all of this always in under 45 minutes.

Then the carcasses are stored in refrigerated chambers, until they are shipped in refrigerated transportation in order to never break the cold chain of between 0º and 5ºC, until being directly delivered to the final consumer.


The entire production process, from the raising of the animals until the direct delivery of the orders to the final consumer, is under the control and supervision of our company, which allows us to ensure compliance with our demanding quality standard at all times.

Using an innovative identification system for each animal via microchips, we establish TRACEABILITY for every sold cut, being able to know at any time what animal created which piece, the age and date of slaughter, date and time of production, etc.

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