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Añojo de Ciervo
About This Project

Very little cooked “Marugán” venison salad

With fried petals, herbs and pine nut oil

Ingredients     (4 persons)

0.400   g       venison loin

0.010   g       black pepper

0.010   g       allspice

0.010   g       pink pepper

5         un       bay leaves

C/c       un       thyme leaves

0.050   g       truffled olive oil

0.030     g      pine nuts

3         un       edible pansies

1         un       mini edible rose

3         un       mini petunias

1         un       courgette flower

4         un       arugula leaves

2         un       lamb’s lettuce

4         un       green pistachios

50       g       beer paste for frying

0.250   g       olive oil

0, 050 g       button boletus

Clean the venison loin of fibres and tendons, put onto a tray and leave covered in the room.

Put all the peppers into a mortar, crush, cut the bay leaf very fine, the thyme leaves and mix with the peppers.

Take out the venison loin, spread with the truffle oil and soak with the mixture of peppers and the aromatic herbs, cover in film wrap and stick into the freezer, let it sit there for a few days so that all the aromas soak in well.

Place the olive oil with the pine nuts into a saucepan, fry a little, strain, put the pine nuts into a mortar and mash, add oil bit by bit until you get a liquid pomade. Set aside

For the beer paste.

Put some pieces of ice into a pan, put into ¼ of blond beer, a little salt and add flour passed through a sieve so that it picks up air, mix a little with your fingers and let it rest before using it, leave at a looser texture.

Put a pan on heat with half a litre of olive oil at 180º

Wet the flowers in the paste a little, turn a little so that the petals open and put into the oil, give a strong shake and take out when you see that the paste is fried and the petals are crunchy, put them onto absorbent paper and keep in a warm place.

Cut the frozen venison loin into short pieces, and put them on a presentation plate, place on top the fried flowers, arugula leaves, cut green pistachios, pine nuts, lamb’s lettuce, cut the boletus, sauté and add Maldon salt and finish with the pine nut oil.

CHEF Jose Gomez

Executive Chef of Parador de los Reyes Católicos

Santiago de Compostela