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Añojo de Ciervo
About This Project

“Marugán” Venison Sirloin with nut chutney

Quince and toasted potato starch sauce

Ingredients     (4 persons)

0.640   g       venison sirloin

0.050   g       rosemary honey

0.025   g       dry white wine

Aromatic herbs

0.30     g     pine nuts

0.30     g     hazelnuts

0.30     g       apricots

0.30     g       currants

2         dl         Port wine

1         dl         Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar

Thyme leaves

0.100   g       quince

0.050   g       brown sugar

3                       cloves

0.100   g       potatoes

Clean the venison sirloin of nerves and possible fat, put in a dish, marinate with honey, white wine and aromatic herbs, seal, set aside.

Nut chutney

Cut the hazelnuts in half and the apricots in quarters, put all the nuts in a saucepan along with the wine and the vinegar, add thyme and put it all on low heat, until it is like a compote, taste and remove from heat, set aside.

Quince sauce

Cut the quinces in half, clean, cook with twice the amount of water, add sugar and the cloves and mash, leaving a creamy texture.

Toasted potato starch

Peel the potatoes, wash, cut into pieces and cook in a little water and a little salt, once cooked, mash until you get a fine, somewhat watery, purée, place on baking trays on top of greasy paper, drain through the entire tray to become very fine, stick in the oven at 90º for it to dry, once dry add a bit of Maldon salt, place in the oven at 160º and finish toasting.

Heat a soutel with a little bit of olive oil, give a hard shake to the sirloins (so that they are only a little done), add Maldon salt and pepper.

Place the chutney in the centre of the plate next to the cut venison sirloin, letting the quince sauce soak in a little and finishing with strips of potato starch on top

CHEF Jose Gomez

Executive Chef of Parador de los Reyes Católicos

Santiago de Compostela