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Añojo de Ciervo
About This Project

Venison Meatballs with Tarragon

Ingredients for mixture 1 for the meatballs:

1.1 k. of ground deer meat

120 g. of peeled and diced carrots

80 g. of the white of diced leeks

60 g. of diced onion

12 g. of dried parsley

16 g. of fine salt

Ingredients for mixture 2 for the meatballs:

280 g. of lard

280 g. of smoked bacon

100 g. of breadcrumbs

4 fresh eggs

12 g. of fresh diced garlic without the centre

Ingredients for tarragon sauce:

750 g. of chicken broth

75 g. of brown stock

585 g. of cream

130 g. of diced onion

22 g. of sunflower oil

3.5 g. of dried tarragon

75 g. of butter

75 g. of white wine

9 g. of salt

7.5 g. of jaerliant

Preparation for mixture 1 for the meatballs:

Mix all ingredients together very, very well

Preparation for mixture 2 for the meatballs:

Pass all of the ingredients through the thermomix in order to obtain a semi-thick mass

Mix this mixture (2) to mixture 1 and blend very, very well

Make meatballs of about 15 g each and then put them in flour and fry them in sunflower oil at 180º until they are toasted, a lovely toasting

(Fry about 2 minutes)

Set aside

Preparation of tarragon sauce:

Sauté the diced onion in oil and once it is sautéed well, add the white wine and reduce it until there is hardly any liquid left, add the chick broth, the brown stock and remove

Let it reduce by half and add the tarragon and cream, remove again and add the butter

Add salt and put with jaerliant, until it reduces to 600 g


Finishing touch:

Put the meatballs into big vacuum packs with the sauce (without crushing them)

Steam 100% for 15 minutes

Remove and quickly cool until they are lukewarm

Put about 15 meatballs and 75 g of sauce on each tray

Seal, steam 100% for 10 minutes

Cool quickly